AncestryDNA® Traits Learning Hub

AncestryDNA® Traits Learning Hub

AncestryDNA® Traits
Learning Hub

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Whether it’s physical traits you can see or hidden traits you can’t, your DNA holds even more information than you imagined.

Picky Eater

Being a picky eater as an adult isn't uncommon, but is it etched into your DNA blueprint? Picky eating has its roots in childhood, but the habits and preferences you developed as a kid don't have to endure into adulthood. Science may offer deeper insights into the genetics of your food preferences.

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Endurance Fitness

If you can comfortably jog, walk, or bike a few miles, you likely have good endurance fitness. Genetics matters, too, and AncestryDNA® Traits looks at three genes associated with endurance fitness.
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Introvert or Extrovert

What is an introvert and what is an extrovert? A scientific DNA test could show you whether your genetics might be playing some role in your introverted or extroverted personality.
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Risk Taking

Human beings have always taken risks, whether the type of risk is a physical or emotional one. But there are more factors than you might imagine involved in our risk-taking choices. Researchers are learning more about how our genes influence different risk-taking behaviors.
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Muscle Fatigue

How fast you experience muscle fatigue depends on your fitness level, exercise intensity, and environment. An AncestryDNA® Traits test can tell you whether people with DNA like yours have muscles that tire at an above-average, average, or below-average rate.
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AncestryDNA® Learning Hub

Learn how DNA can give you new details about your family history or even help you connect to your past in a deeper way.

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