Zombie survival

Basics of zombie survival Zombie survival depends on three essential things: being open-minded, having a zombie survival kit and creating a zombie emergency plan. Zombie survival begins with being open-minded, it’s important because while we know that a zombie apocalypse will not happen, the actions you would take to become zombie proof are the same […]

Thunderstorm Protection

Thunderstorm Protection A thunderstorm could be described as a storm with thunder and lightning. Thunder can be quite frightening because it roars very loudly. They occur when a warm air pocket at the bottom level rises to collide with the cooler air above it. Lightning is a fast and strong electricity discharge from a storm […]

How to Find a Husband

With everything that’s been happening in the world nowadays, it is often hard to believe that there is still”forever” when it comes to relationships. Love is probably among the most used up term thus far, and because of that, people over the years have been sick and tired of thinking that it exists and that […]

Breakfast Of Champions?

There is no question that cold cereals revolutionized the American breakfast table. No longer did mom have to cook hot cereal, eggs or meat, and kids could independently prepare something for themselves before going off to college. At the turn of the twentieth century, the creation of cereal basically started with two enterprising men who […]

Portable Generator

A portable generator is a sensible piece of equipment to use in a variety of situations. Let’s Look at a few of the most common applications for the portable generator: Home Any home can benefit from a portable generator if residing in a neighborhood that often experiences a power sometimes of heavy storms or similar […]